SEO is a basic work every day to pay attention to their own website and the competitor’s website data update is no exception, today I open the query tool, found that the rising of PR, Baidu update, Google update, it is before the search engine for all Internet Festival gift Tongren


asked ten friends again, the PR value remained unchanged accounted for 60%, the PR value of the rise accounted for 40%, and the PR value dropped to 0%, which shows that the search engine is becoming more and more friendly to the website. read more

1. life

wrong: brush your teeth and wash your face two minutes a day. When you rush out of the room, your buttons aren’t buttoned yet.

right: get up an hour earlier, brush your teeth for five minutes, take a bath, pick clean clothes and go to work,

wrong: every morning I go through the supermarket to buy a pack of cigarettes. I haven’t had breakfast for many years,

right: after the supermarket to buy a listen to milk, the other according to personal interest,

wrong: I’ve been eating bubbles at McDonald’s, or, yesterday, the box of instant noodles was finished. read more

such as the 19 floor, long lane successfully set off a local forum just unfolding, it can be said that the local forum because of its attention to the local market positioning, with good operation ability to quickly gain a foothold in the local market, success. One aspect can not be ignored in the city, more and more large-scale today, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the high population density, population size large first-tier cities is difficult to give birth to a large local forum has the absolute advantage, the reason lies in the large scale complex population structure for, want to run a "guide" to the population of so many local forums in terms of the difficulty of non general company can control, let alone personal webmaster. read more

review: online education in 2013 suddenly hot, whether the traditional Internet giant, or budding entrepreneur, or feel the Internet on the traditional mechanism of traditional industry shock line have to enter the online education, eating a piece of cake. So what are the game player in this industry, and what to play, what opportunities and trends, the dark horse brother 5000 word text is the summary and analysis of your system.

what is online education


online education, or e-Learning, or distance learning, online learning, in the current concept generally refers to a web-based learning behavior, similar to the concept of network training. read more

Tianyuandifang, all in the universe; dry, de Kun. Bianzetong, Han Fang Fang is round. In fact, the status quo, the circle is to 10000 is a party with the same; back circle is doing things in the room under the guide; round, square is not lost round. Front turn circle, passing of night, so the cycle of operation. The nature of the world in this negotiation, and it contained in a negotiation and subtle wisdom of life and profound aesthetic value and.

The lurk murder

insipid, hidden under the hope. The number of gathering clouds and rolling mists network success in the comfort of natural life, many grassroots friends are looking for the gathering clouds and rolling mists can see the dawn of the road, to the Internet arena mixed a little fame or a seat in a place to live in can be said now is not easy and there is no more on impulse can earn a lot of money or passion or creating a myth, opportunity and money for those who are prepared, this sentence is true, can do in today’s Internet of things or more like the stars, can make money or gold too. Then the saying goes: " the poor are changed, change the pass, long general " then after long thinking. I will together with you "flexible". read more

attracts your target audience, and through creative marketing and search engine optimization, your website is only the first step in bringing visitors and transforming them into customers. Once your potential customers come to your website, it’s equally important for you to keep them. An attractive layout design is especially important for your website’s user experience, which will attract users to experience your site better. Of course, it is important to give the target user some opportunities to communicate and interesting information. read more

blogger commented: how can the site profit from the lack of advertising alliances; 

I noticed that the clever monkey used to write a few soft words, because I have seen them in some articles, and now I can see the website and feel really good.

authors have been doing web sites for nearly 4 years, and in the early days of the ad League, especially when SP was on fire, it was a little bit profitable, but it was too little compared to many other webmaster friends. read more

I was a rookie webmaster is right, originally do is to learn programming technology, but do not think practical use is not fun, and when a colleague amateur also made a very good website, every day in the promotion is very interesting, so I also want to Dangdang webmaster.

code is a source code to stop reference, with their own do not meet, delete a lot of things, the basic is to write their own. When the selected topic is the most difficult, do what? The first is to do a movie about love film critic website, but the website also see other movie download, space is not so big, so it is not good to do. My colleagues do is a female website, very professional, not covered. I can’t do that either. After much deliberation, or find a joke like theme to do, anyway, online joke ah, interesting things down. Just make it a fun website. No matter its standard is not standard. read more

a lot of people ask why you’re doing this site, and what’s the purpose of doing it?

I contact the website for a long time (I do web development), but their own web site is from the beginning of last year, the only purpose is to make money, want to find another way to make money, the purpose is very simple, but not so simple, the beginning did not want to go alone. As the site, also there is no station to the user’s point of view, their own according to their own requirements to do so after only know the website with so much trouble, we do feel that the program to make a website more trouble to show more of their own strength, can see the site is not, it is often said that one you can do ", not necessarily to the website, do not, may the good website construction". read more

into the webmaster network, and now has nearly 4 years. From ignorant into this industry, and now to a smattering of knowledge, today I would like to tell you about my experience and experience.

I can’t remember how many stations I’ve done, nor what station I stood for. The first one fell, and the next one got up again. Every station, I have spent my mind to do, never collect, is my purpose to do the station. So far, there is a novel station, and it is also called "trash stop". Here, AD: loves to read novels. Today, I’ll tell you about my stop. read more

grassroots webmaster in the webmaster circle is the largest group, and they also belong to the webmaster circle in disadvantaged groups, they often in time, manpower, funds are stretched. At the same time as a grassroots webmaster of the author, and most people, like in the webmaster circle struggle, insist on. But we can also find that many grassroots webmaster can not really wait until the dawn of dawn, but died in the darkness before the dawn. I have been thinking: what have we to A fighting spirit soars aloft. confidence, passion and power. In my experience of friends and personal experience, the author summed up several kinds of grass roots webmaster who died in the darkness before dawn. read more

often heard friends complain about, can not find a suitable project, not on the Internet do not know how to start proficiency in a particular line, and so on, in fact, the opportunity has been for people, no project you take the initiative to find the project? Didn’t you take the initiative to develop a proficiency in a particular line of their ability in entrepreneurship is not? Lip service, which involves a lot of hard work.

A5 on Thursday March 15th exceeded invited Bedook ratio grams Taobao mall founder Mr. Wang Yu, sharing his experience from the Taobao C store owner to the mall Tmall boss’s network business, this paper arranges the interaction in a question and answer, it’s easy for everyone to read. read more

cafeteria, a memorable noun. The dark cuisine became the pronoun, but in the world sigh of ridicule at the same time, it is undeniable that the cafeteria is the development direction of many food people fascinated. Because the cafeteria dining can also play new tricks.

Facebook, in consecutive years topped the global job seekers want to go to the company "on the list, which is an important factor, as the staff, you can enjoy a variety of high-quality delicacy here. BAT Tencent Ali’s cafeteria and why? read more

"this is the best of times, and this is the worst of times."." The description of Dickens in the book of Shuangcheng is particularly appropriate for the 09 years’ entrepreneurial environment. In 2009, the market economy was very depressed, and many people could not find jobs, and some of them were forced to choose the road of entrepreneurship. But in this special period, an inexperienced person to start a business easier said than done.

What are the conditions for

startups? These key issues lie before all entrepreneurs. In fact, there is no threshold for entrepreneurship, as long as you are ready to start the business, with the determination and perseverance of entrepreneurs, everyone has the conditions for entrepreneurship. Therefore, for entrepreneurs, the key is to know what are important factors in the process of entrepreneurship. read more

electricity supplier era, the status and role of enterprise websites increasingly important, through the website information in the most appropriate way to show in front of visitors is very necessary. However, there are many websites are excessive marketing, too heavy, silent pile of thousands of network side popups are frequent jumbled meet the eye everywhere, everywhere there is a great promotion, distress to the visitors. And the development of big data times, it is to ask we must adopt Internet thinking again, do well website construction and optimize, raise user experience degree, realize the benign development of enterprise and its website. So how do we do it, read more

built a station, if the site would like to run well for a long period of time, it is necessary to analyze the data, then what data should be analyzed to achieve the multiplier,


1: for propaganda enterprises, it is undoubtedly the advertising data

two: to flow more, it is necessary to analyze traffic data

three: worrying data analysis, which is also very important.

The analysis of


1: advertising data.

for this kind of data. Advertising is often put on for some time, no one to pay attention to, and no one to analyze. Especially for Taobao. Is easy to take a small program, hanging in the ad module of the site, it’s okay. That won’t do. To often see if the ad clicks, click on the most, medium, which ads, and then these data analysis, why some advertising point of more people, and some do not. Advertising business as propaganda, the equivalent of the store traffic hits, if this does not know how the analysis of operating status? Or some people don’t want to go to the analysis, there are people who do not know how to count the numbers. Let me talk about it. We can make this advertising links to a page to Statistics website, then this page and then jump to Taobao, put the traffic statistics in the jump page, so we can calculate what most people click on the product, according to the data analysis of other effect weak advertising how to adjust the adjustment. Well, businesses are satisfied, because the advertising traffic related to its economic benefits. read more

good article have a good title, the creative title will lead to people’s desire to read, but also will increase the visitor’s first impression of you, too mediocre title, not only will be ignored, and visitors will not see details of your content, a passing glance cease pay attention to the content.

It’s important for

to make headlines that attract attention, so we have to learn to write a very important title.

1, humorous and interesting title

in the title of a little humor or say something interesting, not only can attract people’s attention, but also induce everyone reading desire, of course, can not be too subtle humor, sometimes people are not love cold humor, humorous and interesting title but have important relevance to the title, and the article or so, only the table is useless. read more

since it is a forum, it is necessary to fully open the freedom of speech, speaker of innocence, their fates warning, if wear, on any one thing, it is no harm, resist the freedom of speech, can only bring four rumors, we say, or that is out there, and you know psychology is comfortable.

the voice of public opinion is unobstructed, have confidence in the performance of the government, the government is open-minded performance. Today’s society, as in the past, closed the voice of ordinary people, is stupid, is impossible. Liaoning Province set up a special "people’s network", the provincial Party committee secretary Li Keqiang met with staff, and put forward hope. This is the trend, no one can stop it. [from tid=107778] read more

singge said: "in the rapid development of the Internet economy, each entity business has joined the O2O field.". In recent years, the 123 line city O2O has been on the rise. So what will O2O look like in China’s market as it develops over the years?

recently, everyone has been working on a private chef’s home service, before a good chef (Shanghai) gets a million dollar A round of financing. Then love Chef (Beijing) completed ten million U.S. dollars A round of financing in July, followed by small kitchen (Shenzhen) reached the field of market competition for private kitchen, looking ahead, private kitchen door field of smoke. read more

I’ve been a station owner. I wanted to write it and write it out today to let people who have just become or want to be webmaster. I remember the fall of 2004, I was in a SP company to do marketing, the main job is to contact the portal and our company value-added business cooperation. I like only a vast expanse of water in a small fish in the sea looking for good castle, many of the advertising alliance is the first time I found. Through this channel, I know a lot of webmaster, from the stationmaster’s mouth, I know the outdated existence. At that time thought, why call this name ah, ha ha, " laggards " in my mind, " outdated " derogatory term. read more